18 Nov

MIAMI REALNESSThe Church of Realness is a savage yet revealing place, the service is in session.

MISS KOOKEE VS THE ILLUMINATI   THE TRUTH ABOUT BEYONCE      REPOST  DR TONY MARTIN VS THE ILLUMINATI SKIP> 10:13      The notion a whole culture can have its history concealed, is true power.  He who holds the keys of Knowledge…. The root of racism lies buried in a myth.  Modern Occult Rituals  are Veiled behind the facade of TV Award CeremoniesA QUEEN BREAKS DOWN  BLACK ENTERTAINMENT CULTUREWHY DO THE RAPPERS LIKE TRANSSEXUALS?RAPPERS LOVE TRANNYS 


One Response to “CHURCH OF REALNESS”

  1. Piru December 16, 2011 at 4:34 PM #

    Dr. Tony Martin scholarly lecture is a must-hear in today’s pop times; as a white woman from the Caribbean, a historian of Colonial Latin America, and the mother of a young girl born in the US, this video helps me put things in perspective. I want to add, though, that in “Modern” times, the Catholics (I am one of them), got involved in the African slave trade: 1st the Portuguese (many of them non-Christian & expelled from Spain in 1492), then the Southern Spaniards from Huelva, then even the Pope. In the 15th century, when black King Alphonso converted to Christianity and then saw how the white “Christians” were enslaving his people, he asked the Pope for help and the latter did publish a letter… but it was too late; the TRADE was going full blast & reapings big profit$. I think there are some godless people at the highest levels of power in this world who still want slavery but this time they want to enslave us all.

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